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The year was 1992 and the place was New York City. David Dinkins was mayor, the club scene was thriving and Times Square was still sketchy. The big city was still bright lights and broken dreams and it was a time where the lyric “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere” still had relevance. Dance music was in it’s first pop crossover phase-post-C&C Music Factory and dance artists like Robin S and CeCe Penniston were climbing Billboard’s pop charts alongside Michael Jackson and Madonna.It was also the year both Alex Lauterstein and Konrad Carelli decided to plant roots in New York with a purpose: to make it there.Alex arrived from Uruguay that year on a holiday. After a week in Manhattan, he cancelled his return ticket and never looked back. This former architecture student started his DJ career at the legendary underground party XK, where he served nightlife’s tastemakers with his signature futuristic tribal sound. Aftera two year run, the closing of XK bought opportunity to Lauterstien via New York DJ Danny Tenaglia. Danny offered Alex the opportunity to open for him at the legendary TWILO nightclub on New York’s club row. In the months between Tenaglia’s departure and Junior Vasquez’s debut at TWILO Alex was forced to take the reins as headliner for the club in the interim where he commanded the dancefloor with his music and playing style. Alex’s skyrocketing reputation as a DJ earned a residency at Peter Gatien’s Tunnel and gigs all over the city.When the church-turned-nightclub LIMELIGHT reopened in the summer of 1998, Alex commanded a weekly residency which brought him to the attention of the most connected promoters in NYC. He soon joined an elite roster of DJ’s from the New York party scene, headlining one of New Yorks most notorious clubs, The Roxy . From there Alex shared the DJ booth with world renowned DJ’s like, Sasha and Digweed, Kevin Saunderson, Paul Oakenfold, Timo Mass and Junior Vazquez to name a handful.The 2000’s bought Alex’s DJ status from New York to World Class. Alex headlined the 3 part European Tour of, “City of Love” bringing a full production troupe of performers, set designers, and dancers from NY to Paris. 2002‘s ‘Paris Noir’ tour featured prestigious Parisian nightclubs like La Locomotive, Le Redlight and The Monkey Club. The tour also led to a European residency for 2003 playing France, Holland, Israel and Germany culminating in an appearance at the legendary Supper Club and Club It in Amsterdam in 2004. From Antwerp to TelAviv, he’s played for sold out crowds on four continents. From 2004 to date Alex primarily tours North America playing the hottest clubs from New York to Miami to Vegas. Montreal’s Stereo and Toronto’s Unity enjoyed a 4 year residence from Alex and he’s headlined the Black & Blue & Red circuit parties on several occasions.In 2000, Alex mixed HX magazine’s debut double CD compilation (on Centaur Records), the critically acclaimed “The HX Project”, followed by a promo tour soon after through the US, Canada, Japan and South America . Insisting on recording the set in a “live”setting, Lauterstein reasoned, “a mixed set that is recorded in the studio is often going to be too perfect, it’s not going to have the ‘live’ spontaneity, that energy you get in the club...for me that feeling it’s very important”. It’s that same energy found in Alex’s live mix productions that caught the ears of fashion icons like Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani and Vera Wang. His signature original style provided the soundtrack for the Dolce & Gabanna 02-03 Fall Winter Show in Milan, Italy, including one of his remixes of “Get It Ready” by Cherylyn (Controversial Records), as the theme song for the show. Alex was hand selected to provide the soundscape for the ACE FASHION AWARDS 2008 , 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 at Ciprianni in Manhattan NY, hosting top name celebrities and fashion & music icons Lady Gaga, Stella McCartney, Pharrel , Iman and Kanye West.2002 Alex released on Centaur Records , "Global Groove. Feel MY Drums" , a deep progressive mixed compilation .2003, Alex releases also on Centaur Records his 3rd release , "Global Groove CHILL OUT" , a chill out compilation , a greener incursion for the famed progressive house dj.In the mid 90‘s, contemporary and friend, Peter Rauhofer introduced Alex to the recording studio and the world of production. Grammy Award winning Rauhofer and Alex collaborated on several tracks for the Peter’s Sizequeen project -“Pimps Pumps and Pushers” on Twisted Records. Soon after, Alex collaborated with New York’s own Johnny Vicious for his first remix, Sizequeen’s “K-Hole” also on Twisted.Alex recorded his first original studio project in 2001 with composer/collaborator Hayley Moss under the moniker 3WINGBUTTERFLY. The EP ”Metamorphosis” had a film soundtrack quality to it, fusing electronica with house music. Following the 3WINGBUTTERFLY project, Alex teamed with famed artist SIRPAUL. Together they were electropop band Simulover, a blend of dance/pop/80′s and electronica. The album SIMULOVER is released in 2011 . A collection of dance electro pop songs on Controversial Records.*Alex creates the soundtrack and plays the show for fashion icon RALPH RUCCI at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 Spring Summer Collection as seen on YouTube : *Alex resides for a year at the famous BOOM BOOM ROOM @ The TOP of The Standard High Line in NYC on friday nights.*Alex composes the score for a short film , "3", written and directed by Andreas Anastasis.*Alex starts a new partnership with the PENINSULA HOTEL at 5th Avenue , Manhattan for a series of brunches and rooftop parties over the summer .*In a long spam of 16 years of DJING, touring and producing fresh beats, Alex reputation has won him fans both here and abroad.Alex’s current creative partnership is by his own admission “the most natural collaboration ever”. Approaching dance music studio fixture Konrad Carelli for help in mixing his original solo effort, they found themselves on creative common ground. The creative synergy between the duo spawned a full collaboration to round out the songs on Alex’s debut album, “Cinématique”, released october 21st 2014 worldwide .About the album-“Cinématique” is the first phase in the release of over a decade’s worth Lauterstein’s yet un-released studio work.“2013 came around and my focus shifted from touring to the studio. I really wanted to finish so many of these projects I started over the years and made the decision to give them the attention they deserved. As any producer/touring DJ can tell you, staying focused is almost impossible on the road, especially before laptops became powerful enough to be portable studios”!The album is an aural journey reflecting the journey that is Alex’s life and career in New York. From the late night clubland imagery evoked from “Dreaming Romantics” to the introspective and metaphysical “Life in the 4th Dimension”, the album chronicles Alex’s shift from sometimes being conscious to spiritually and consciously being aware, of be-ing.Some have described it as a concept album, some as a trip through sound but everyone agrees, it’s listenable and best enjoyed from start to finish.A specially packaged, very limited edition 6 pack of colored vinyl is planned for release, Q2 of 2015, featuring the full length, unmixed album singles on the A side, remixes on the B side and quite possibly a surprise or two!




Alex Lauterstein

Aleshanee Records@2014




Conttroversial Records@2012



Controversial Records@2011



Controversial Records@2011





Controversial Records@2011





Controversial Records@2011





Alex Lauterstein Liquid Oxigene Mix

Unreleased @ 2009



Alex Lauterstein

Centaur Records @ 2003




Dj Alex Lauterstein

Centaur Records@2002






Dj Alex Lauterstein

Centaur Records @2000




Size Queen.


Johnny & Alex are Falling MIx.






  • twilo | nyc.

  • roxy | nyc.

  • limelight | nyc.

  • tunnel | nyc.

  • boom boom room | standard hotel | nyc

  • discoteque | nyc.

  • exit | nyc.

  • life | nyc.

  • spa | nyc

  • carbon | nyc

  • jimmy rooftoop@ james hotel | nyc

  • speed | nyc

  • hush | nyc

  • nowbar | nyc

  • octagon | nyc

  • pavillion | ny

  • sound factory | nyc

  • splash | nyc

  • room service | nyc

  • cipriani | ace fashion awards | nyc

  • dolce&gabbana | madison avenue | nyc

  • armani X | 5th avenue | broadway | nyc

  • calvin klein | 5th avenue | nyc

  • out magazine | nyc

  • franky morello | iceberg | nyc

  • spice market | nyc

  • peninsula hotel | nyc

  • amnesia | tight | nyc

  • le pom | nyc

  • avalon | nyc

  • G lounge | nyc

  • lincoln center | fashion week | chado ralph rucci |spring summer 2013 | nyc

  • yotel | nyc

  • mercedes house | nyc

  • sushi samba | nyc

  • allice tully hall | fifi awards | nyc


  • paris noir | paris | france

  • paris rouge | paris | france

  • the red light | paris | france

  • la locomotive | paris | france

  • the monkey club | paris | france

  • the mile end bar | montreal | canada

  • club IT | amsterdam | holland

  • the supper club | amsterdam | holland

  • shambala dj bar | moscow | russia

  • navigation | antwerp | belgium

  • club playa | tokyo | japan

  • T.L.V | tel aviv | israel

  • electric circus | much music tv | toronto | canada

  • fly | toronto | canada

  • club unity | montreal | canada

  • stereo | montreal | canada

  • club boa | toronto | canada

  • black&blue 2002 | bbcm | Stereo | montreal | canada

  • twist | bbcm | montreal | canada

  • red | bbcm | montreal | canada

  • altitude | wisthler | canada

  • X demente New years eve 2004 | rio | brasil

  • X demente New years eve 2005 | rio | brasil

  • sao paulo pride | ultralounge | sao paulo | brasil

  • loverboy | palacio alsina | buenos aires | argentina

  • loverboy | gotika  | rosario | argentina

  • la morocha | buenos aires | argentina 

  • ciudad boliche | montevideo | uruguay

  • milennio | montevideo | uruguay

  • la morocha | punta del este | uruguay

  • space | punta del este | uruguay


  • volcano party 03' | hawaii 

  • resolution memorial | mayan theater | LA

  • resolution new years eve 02' | mayan theater | LA

  • resolution | mayan theater | LA

  • dolce&gabbana | rodeo drive | LA

  • cherry 6 | washington dc 

  • motorball | detroit

  • boston pride | boston

  • oz | new orleans

  • menjos | michigan

  • liquid | grand rapids | michigan

  • nation | dc

  • traxx | dc

  • the eleventh hour | dc

  • metropolis | provincetown

  • riches | san diego 

  • circuit | chicago

  • hydrate | chicago

  • firestone | orlando

  • southern nights | orlando

  • tabu | orlando

  • epoch | key west

  • avalon | boston

  • vapor | boston

  • machine | boston

  • 2-4 club | philadelphia

  • pure | philadelphia

  • transit | philadelphia

  • gasoline | philadelphia

  • shampoo | philadelphia

  • vivid | south beach | miami

  • level | south beach | miami

  • salvation | south  beach | miami

  • spi club | south beach | miami

  • tribe | LA 

  • factory | LA

  • here | LA

  • rage | vegas

  • mezzanine | san francisco

  • jungle | atlanta

  • wetbar | atlanta

  • riches | houston

  • Prohibition | Atlantic City

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